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What sets CSAS apart from other schools?  Well our Paideia Philosophy for one, but if you look at what we have done best for over 25 years is graduating our students at a very high level, getting them into college, keeping them in college and continuing on to even higher education.  Take a look at this Prezi and see why "College Starts Here"!  

(Jim Boles, Principal)

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GSD-Madrid, Spain/CSAS Exchange Program

Information about Exchange trip to Spain:  



8th Grade to Seminar Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Article at US Department of Ed!

This year's annual 8th grade trip to Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Washington D.C. will have a special twist to it.  Thanks to local principal from Normal Park Museum Magnet School, Jill Levine, who is on a year long sabbatical as a Principal Ambassador Fellow with the US Department of Education, the 8th grade will be seminaring an article written by Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan about testing and accountability.  Jill and I joked about bringing the 8th graders by the Department while in DC and we looked at each other and said, why not?  Our students will have Sudent Voice at the highest level possible!  They will be displaying their seminar skills along with Common Core skills as they wil be analyzing not only the article, but other works and data as well.  We look forward to sharing just one of the skills that have separated CSAS students and graduates for over 25 years.  If you're a person who tweets, tune into Twitter and look for #CSASinDC to follow along.  We're going to do our best to doucment this as it takes place.  This will take place Wednesday morning, November 19th approximately between 9:00 and 10 a.m.

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School Events
•  HSBB vs. Watertown
Time: 8:00 AM
•  MS Soccer vs. Orchard Knob
Time: 8:00 AM
•  HSSGA Coffee House
Time: 8:00 AM
11/26/2014 to 11/28/2014
•  Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

Organizations Events
•  Executive Meeting  (MS Student Government)
•  Executive and REPS meeting  (MS Student Government)

Reign in Magnificence Tribute to Luther Vandross Concert
Mark your calendars for December 6th at 8pm to attend The Reign in Magnificence Tribute to Luther Vandross Concert....

State Representative JoAnne Favors Visits CSAS   
Did you know Our State Rep actually taught in our building?

Opeletia Helton Represents CSAS, Students of District 4&5 at UnifiEd's First Summit Meeting   
CSAS Senior, Opeletia Helton represented CSAS and other students across Distrcit 4 & 5 of Hamilton County as UnifiEd hosted...

Be True To Your School   
CSAS Seniors Turn DJs!
Tanner Lee, Ruchi Shah, & Jessica Tolbert

CSAS Pep Squad Participates at Spirit Day at UT!   
This past Saturday, several members from our CSAS Pep Squad participated at Spirit Day at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville....

CSAS PTSA Wins 150 Days of Giving from First Tennessee Bank!   
The CSAS community pulls through yet again!

No Time To Feel Sorry for Yourself! CSAS Student Has Blast Over Summer!   
CSAS MS Student Is Runner-Up in Go Pro Contest

Mr. Mounger Helps Bring Mozilla Grant to CSAS   
One of CSAS' goals is to connect to our community and there may be no other person better at doing that than Mr. Davis Mounger,...

CSAS Students Making Us Proud In Las Vegas with ACT-SO Work!   
If you didn't happen to see it, please check out this Times Free Press link to see CSAS students highlighted for their ACT-SO...

CSAS Art Department Helps Out Erlanger!   
We love the work our students do to better our community!

Simple Ways to Help CSAS Raise $!   
You Save $ &Help CSAS Raise $...as simple as a text!