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What sets CSAS apart from other schools?  Well our Paideia Philosophy for one, but if you look at what we have done best for over 25 years is graduating our students at a very high level, getting them into college, keeping them in college and continuing on to even higher education.  Take a look at this Prezi and see why "College Starts Here"!  

(Jim Boles, Principal)

 Download our School Profile with data on our graduation rate and college admissions.

GSD-Madrid, Spain/CSAS Exchange Program

Information about Exchange trip to Spain:  


Tuesday's Upper School 2 hr Delay Schedule - 10/14

10:55 - 11:20 - Advisory

11:25 to 12:20 Block 1

12:20 - 1:00 - Lunch

1:00 - 1:55 - Block 3

2:00 - 2:55 - Block 2

3:00 - 3:55 - Block 4/5

All juniors should report to the auditorium at 10:55 a.m. for PSAT Prep Session.  They will remain in the prep session for Block 1 and then Block 3 after lunch.  Juniors will return to Blocks 2 & 4 at the end of the day.

Stay safe!

Conference Week: Important Message for Upper School

Please remember that this is Student-led Conference Week.  It is mandatory for parents to attend in both the fall and spring.  Students will lose their seats if parents do not come to both conferences.  There have been an enormous amount of requests to switch conferences to Thursday evening and the truth is, we just can't accommodate everyone's request.  Mrs. Blackburn and other office staff are working very hard to make it all happen.  You must receive verification that your conference has changed to go through.  Please be patient. Please begin by signing in on the 2nd floor in the gallery and then proceed to your student's advisory where you will receive a printed report card and can begin your conferences.  You will then return your sign-in sheet prior to leaving.  You must see all teachers.  Directed Studies and RTI groups are not required.  Thanks and see you Thursday and Friday.

If you are interested in CSAS, come for a visit. Contact us here.




UPPER SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS: Wednesday,October 22, 2014
UPPER SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tuesday, October 21, 2014
UPPER SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS: Monday, October 20, 2014
UPPER SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS: Thursday, October 16, 2014
UPPER SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS: Wednesday,October 15, 2014
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Lower School News
UPPER SCHOOL Student Led Conferences

School Events
•  Seminar 3

Lower School to Offer Sprouts Cooking Class
During late October through early December, the Lower School and Sprouts Cooking will offer classes after school on Thursdays....

State Representative JoAnne Favors Visits CSAS   
Did you know Our State Rep actually taught in our building?

Opeletia Helton Represents CSAS, Students of District 4&5 at UnifiEd's First Summit Meeting   
CSAS Senior, Opeletia Helton represented CSAS and other students across Distrcit 4 & 5 of Hamilton County as UnifiEd hosted...

Be True To Your School   
CSAS Seniors Turn DJs!
Tanner Lee, Ruchi Shah, & Jessica Tolbert

CSAS Pep Squad Participates at Spirit Day at UT!   
This past Saturday, several members from our CSAS Pep Squad participated at Spirit Day at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville....

CSAS PTSA Wins 150 Days of Giving from First Tennessee Bank!   
The CSAS community pulls through yet again!

No Time To Feel Sorry for Yourself! CSAS Student Has Blast Over Summer!   
CSAS MS Student Is Runner-Up in Go Pro Contest

Mr. Mounger Helps Bring Mozilla Grant to CSAS   
One of CSAS' goals is to connect to our community and there may be no other person better at doing that than Mr. Davis Mounger,...

CSAS Students Making Us Proud In Las Vegas with ACT-SO Work!   
If you didn't happen to see it, please check out this Times Free Press link to see CSAS students highlighted for their ACT-SO...

CSAS Art Department Helps Out Erlanger!   
We love the work our students do to better our community!

Simple Ways to Help CSAS Raise $!   
You Save $ &Help CSAS Raise $...as simple as a text!