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CSAS Upper School Clerical Assistant

Welcome to CSAS...

Our Patriot Nation Family!

Middle school and High school can bring with it days of great trepidation and great pride. What we hope to offer as you encounter the office on any of those given days is an atmosphere of supportive assistance and encouragement. I seek to be professional, informative, and kind in my responses as well as detailed in my course of action as I assist you. As the Clerical Assistant, I was one of the voices on the other end of the phone, the PowerSchool attendance clerk, maintained the Upper School  News and Announcements  section on the  mycsas website, and designed the TV PowerPoint slideshows and other duties as needed. 

As of this school year, 2017-2018, I was promoted to the position of Registrar. I am the keeper of student records.(Sounds omninous and slightly Wizard of Ozdish behind the curtain...but it's just me and the Vault) In case you're wondering what's so important that it would be vault worthy? Records from Kindergarten to Senior year make there way upstairs and from Lower School, around the county or country, depending on where your student transferred from, to the Vault. Colleges and Univerisities receive your transcript, a record of grades from 8th grade(credit bearing courses: Science, Algebra I, Foreign Language) to 12th grade and standardized test results. High school grades play a prominent part in your life beyond college and careers. I receive requests for education verifications almost daily when Patriot alums apply for jobs around the country. Potential colleges, universities, and employees want to know: Did you graduate and what was your GPA?

It is my honor, pleasure and privilege to serve our student body, seek to simplify the lives of parents, guests and visitors and support our faculty. College Starts Here has been our mantra and Paideia is our philosophy. I believe that every student can learn, that challenges are to be faced, and obstacles are merely occasions on which to rise!


Have a wonderful day! We'll see you in the office!    

Dominique Blackurn



My Bio:


Why I'm at CSAS: I began as a parent in 2005. I've volunteered and been involved in the CSAS family since that time. In 2012, I became member of the support staff. The Patriot Nation is my home away from home during the school year.  I love the diverse people I work with and enjoy meeting the families I serve.

My Foundation: Chattanooga born, bred, and born-again.

My Family: My beloved husband Bernard, our four wonderful children and son-in-law: Dayna, Ben, Brendan, Dannica & Micky, & our “grandpets” Kenya & Rosencrantz

My Favs: The Holy Bible, family, classic movies & classic TV(Perry Mason, Bonanza, or The Rifleman anyone?) 

Faithful Life Lesson: True character is exhibited in your ability to love, show respect, offer compassion, encouragement and hope to those that have nothing to offer you in return. True character cannot be purchased and put on, driven or lived in. No institution or group can give it worth or confer upon it honors to be displayed. It’s priceless but not free. True character has intrinsic value that comes at the cost of pursuing excellence with humility and integrity through hard work while treating others as you would want to be treated.  -Dominique Blackburn



B.S. in Business Marketing from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga '92