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Patriot Outdoors

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Patriot Outdoors

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CSAS is in the process of building an outdoor program.  We invision this to be two fold.  One side looks more like a wildlife games side of things such as archery, skeet, and possibly fishing teams.  The other side of things is more into outdoor recreation where we have established a climbing team  and foresee other areas like paddling, hiking, mtn biking and more to be added.  This club will focus on grades 8 -12 for safety and regulation reasons but will definitely reach out to our entire K-12 community to help get others interested in the outdoors.  We are looking for leadership at three levels in all of the different categories.  Ideally we would love to have a student leader, a parent leader, and a faculty leader in each category.  We already have leadership at the parent level and faculty level for archery and have a faculty person for the climbing team but will need more.  Right now the archery team is trying to raise $3000 for their intial equipment costs.  Any donations that someone would want to make can write a check to: Patriot Outdoor Program (please sepcifiy where you want $ to go(archery, climbing, etc..)  and can be mailed to CSAS Patriot Outdoors 865 E. 3rd St. Chattanooga, TN 37403. 


Patriot Outdoors had their first Rock Climbing Comp on Saturday, November 1st, at High Point Climbing and Fitness. 

Check out video here.