Be True To Your School
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Sunday, September 14, 2014
Tanner Lee, Ruchi Shah, & Jessica Tolbert
Tanner Lee, Ruchi Shah, & Jessica Tolbert
CSAS Seniors Turn DJs!

This past Friday night, seniors Tanner Lee, Ruchi Shah, and Jessica Tolbert represented CSAS proudly as they were guests on the annual Be True To Your School radio show with Jed Mescon on Talk Radio 102.3 FM.  All three spoke confidentally, intelligently, and with great poise.  The Padieia education truly shined over the radio as they answered questions and shared about CSAS. Thanks to Chris Hendrix, US History at CSAS, who went along with the students over to the station.  Mr. Hendrix shared as well.  It never ceases to amaze me at how much the student-teacher relationship is brought up.  It is definitely one of the strengths of our building and the students talk about it all the time.  It makes me proud to work with students and teachers like this. Congratulations to these three for representing our school so well!  And thanks to Jed Mescon, Talk Radio 102.3 FM, and all of the sponsors who make it happen to create a platform where schools have an opportunity to brag about all the good things that happen day in and day out rather than the few not so good things that happen only occasionally.  

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