Opeletia Helton Represents CSAS, Students of District 4&5 at UnifiEd's First Summit Meeting
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Saturday, September 20, 2014
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CSAS Senior, Opeletia Helton represented CSAS and other students across Distrcit 4 & 5 of Hamilton County as UnifiEd hosted it's first community summit at Battle Academy this past Thursday.  UnifiEd is a new support group to Hamilton County public education.  Their website www.unifi-ed.org states their mission below.

UnifiEd is a community-led movement of parents, teachers, and citizens who want every student in Chattanooga to have the chance to attend great public schools.

We believe that if Chattanoogans are informed about how to help teachers and students, given the training and tools to advocate for them, and encouraged to unite our voices – we can create real and lasting change. Starting today.

So we empower individuals, families, teachers, and administrators to get involved, take action, and support community leaders who make education a priority.

We all want a brilliant future for our children and our city. Together, we can ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn, grow, thrive, and prosper.

Opeletia represented CSAS well as she spoke about her experiences at CSAS and shared her thoughts and opinions about how schools can be supported by our community.  CSAS is very proud of their students who are out in the community speaking and representing our school.  More and more opportunities seem to be available to our students to share their voice and CSAS has a full arsenal of students who are capable.  Opeletia is one of those students and we're proud her and all the students who have already had a voice in the community so early in the school year!

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