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CSAS Upper School Announcements: Monday, April 24- Friday April 28, 2017
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Monday, April 24, 2017


PATRIOT NATIONCSAS Upper School Announcements 

Monday, April 24- Friday, April 28,  2017




  Thought for the Week:    Thought bubble clip art I’m not telling you it is going to be easy — I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it. ~ Art Williams



  :  Patriot Nation Events Games Schedule  


Monday 4/24: HCDE -hour delay




Block 1 - 10:55 - 12:00


Lunch - 12:00 - 12:40 (everyone eats together Mon.- NO DS/RTI) (We may do DS/RTI on Tues)


Block 2 - 12:40-1:40


Block 3 - 1:45 - 2:45


Block 4 - 2:50 - 3:55 




TCAP -ELA Part II & US History Part II 


JV Baseball @ Richard Hardy 


HS Softball vs. Howard
MS Baseball vs. Normal Park



TCAP - ELA Part III & US History Part III 


5:30 Soar into Senior Year


HS Softball @ Copper Basin 


MS Baseball vs.CCS 


HS Baseball @ Whitwell


HS Soccer @ Boyd



Wednesday 4/26: Last Seminar of the Year




JV Baseball vs. McCallie





TCAP - Math, Alg I, Alg II & Geometry- Part I


4:15 HS Soccer @ Silverdale


HSBB vs. Copper


HSSB vs. ER -Senior Night


HS Band Sr Concert

Friday 4/28: PROM NIGHT 2017




TCAP - Math, Alg I, Alg II & Geometry - Part II 


HS Baseball vs. Marion, 


HS Soccer @ Lookout Valley


PROM  @ Stratton Hall 8-11pm


LAST DAY for VOLUNTEER HOURS to be turned in by 4pm!





HS Baseball @ Central 1:30/3



  Cafeteria Clean-Up Schedule: 


April 17th-21st: 

1st Lunch: Jasinski

2nd Lunch: Freeman 

MW F - Directed Studies/RTI Classes

TuTh- Advisory

Seniors are responsible for their Area daily. 

Students are not allowed to bring food to the stadium during lunch. This is the same rule as last year. 
PLEASE follow the flow of the cafeteria lines:
·         9-12 will line up and check out on the side closest to the covered walkway
·         6-8 will line up and check out on the side closest to the stadium.






* Important dates coming up:


April 17 - May 5 - EOC's  (see Julia's email with detailed schedule)


April 11 - Final Choir Concert - outdoors!


April 19 - ACT Juniors


April 22 - Book It 5K & Fun Run, CSAS Reunion 10-2pm - Big day of fun and music.


April 27 - Senior Band Concert


April 28 - Prom! 


May 1 - Sr. Locker Cleanout


May 2 - Senior Strut @3:30, Sr. Strings Concert 7pm


May 3 - 5 - Senior Projects @ W. 40th


May 5 - CSAS/CSLA 8th grade Dance


May 8 & 9 - Senior Exams


May 12 - 5th grade Preview Day


May 15 - HS Awards Day


May 18 - Upper School Exams Block 5


May 19 - Upper School Exams 3&4, 7:30 Graduation - Faculty expected to be there.


May 22 - Upper School Exams 1 & 2, MS Awards Day - 8th grade last day


May 25 - Last Day of Students





Chattanooga Day Camp Volunteer Applications are available in the main office for high school counselors. See Coach Dragoo for any questions.



Paideia Society scholarship applications are available in my room (304).


 Help our Prom be the best it can be…by letting us borrow WHITE Christmas  and rope lights with white cords. Please give them to Parneeta and Ryan. We will make sure to return your lights after Prom.


Heralds from HSSGA:


From the Library Shelves:  




Spring Testing Schedule


M 4/17

T 4/18

W 4/19

T 4/20

F 4/21


6th,   7th, and 8th ELA-subpart 1 (85 mins)*


English   I, II, and III-subpart 1

(85   mins)*

ACT-Juniors   @ UTC

US   History-subpart 1

(50   mins)







M 4/24

T 4/25

W 4/26

T   4/27

F 4/28

6th,   7th, and 8th ELA-subpart 2 (50 mins)


English I, II, and III-subpart 2

(50   mins)


US   History-subpart 2

(45   mins)

6th,   7th, and 8th ELA-subpart 3 (50 mins)


English   I, II, and III-subpart 3

(50   mins)


US   History subpart 3

(45   mins)

6th,   7th, and 8th ELA-subpart 4 (45 mins)


English   I, II, and III-subpart 4

(45   mins)


6th   and 7th Math-subpart 1

(40   mins)

no calculators


Geometry-subpart   1

(35   mins)

no calculators


Algebra   I and II-subpart 1

(35   mins)

no calculators

6th   and 7th Math-subpart 2

(30   mins)


Geometry-subpart   2



Algebra   I and II-subpart 2

(55   mins)








M 5/1

T 5/2

W 5/3

T 5/4

F 5/5

6th   and 7th Math-subpart 3

(55   mins)


Geometry-subpart   3

(55   mins)


Algebra   I and II-subpart 3

(55   mins)

6th,   7th, and 8th SS (50 mins)


6th   and 7th Science-subpart 1 (48 mins)


6th   and 7th

Science-subpart   2 (47 mins)


Biology   and Chemistry

(75   mins)

Final   Make-ups





*Tuesday schedule with no advisory


4th 8:55-10:25 (90 mins)         1st 10:30-12:00 (90 mins)        L&C 12:05-12:45 (40 mins)


2nd 12:50-2:20 (90 mins)         3rd 2:25-3:55 (90 mins)





Lunch clubs rotations:

Tuesday- SGA, Climbing club, Mock Trial, TSA

Thursday- Model UN, FCA, Paideia Society, Earth Club

   Patriot Passes are on sale NOW! Patriot Passes are $5 for $1 admission to all regular season home games! See Coach Dragoo in the morning before school or during lunch at the stadium! Don't miss out!


Model UN:   



  From the Guidance Office:



  Volunteer Opportunity: Student Volunteer hours need to be documented on the CSAS volunteer form and turned in to Mrs. Mahoney no later than May 13.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!


 Computer Lab Etiquette:

·         No food or drinks allowed in the Computer Labs.

·         Trash is to be picked up and discarded before you leave.

·         Chairs should be placed in original positions before you leave.  



Together Tuesdays & Thursdays Clubs Schedule

MS/HS Model UN, Library Clubs, MSSGA, TSA

Paideia Society, Earth Club, Writing Clubs, Mock Trial

FCA, SAFE, Science Olympiad, MSSGA, TSA

HSSGA, Climbing Club, Mock Trial

 Early Dismissal clip artEarly Dismissals: Students, please bring a parent note to the Main Office the morning of your early dismissal. The office opens at 8:30a.m. You will be issued an Early Dismissal Authorization as a pass to leave class at the appointed time to come to the office to meet your parent/guardian to sign-out. ALL parent notes will be verified by a phone call from the office. 

EARLY DISMISSAL – * Must occur before 3:15 PM

  • Any student needing to be dismissed before the end of the regular school day must have a note      from the parent to be taken to the office at the beginning of the      school day. The office will verify the note and give the student a      pass for dismissal to give the teacher when he/she needs to leave. The      student should then be allowed to come to the office to meet their parent      who must sign them out. The      last time for early dismissal is 3:15 p.m. If you must schedule an      afternoon appointment for your child, PLEASE pick him or her up prior to      3:15 p.m. This is a courtesy for the classroom teacher and the office      so as to not interfere with the closing classroom procedures and hectic      dismissal time. If      a student is a driver, the parent must call the office to verify the      dismissal before the student will be permitted to leave. (Upper School Student Handbook, p.16)





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