2017-2018 Summer Supplemental Guide for MS Spanish 2
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Summer Supplemental List for MS II Spanish (7th grade)

Sra. Johnnie F Richardson

Class Overview:

The topics that will be covered include introductions/ leave-takings, numbers, time, body parts, good manners, how to ask for help, weather -seasons, likes/dislikes, free time, describing self and others, discussing the school day – classes, schedule, teachers, calendar, etc., classroom- objects, people, etc., meals and foods – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and maintaining health.

Although we do use the textbook, Realidades 1, this list is not all that we do.  I supplement and change the lessons depending on what the needs of the students are.

Students will be expected to listen to, read, write and speak in Spanish.  There will be many presentations, projects and dialogues in class.  We will also learn about and celebrate El Día de los Muertos and el Cinco de Mayo

Grammatical Topics to be covered:



Definite and Indefinite articles

Me gusta(n) and Me encanta (n)

Present tense regular verbs – AR, ER and IR

Present tense irregular verbs – SER, TENER, IR, ESTAR

Interrogatives, or “Question words”


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