2017-2018 7th Grade Fiction Summer Reading Assignment
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Fiction Book Assignment



As you read, complete the stop and jots according to the STOP AND JOT DIRECTIONS. The directions are attached.



Use your notes to help answer TWO of the response questions. Select the three questions you can answer best. Each response must include evidence from the text and your own analysis of the evidence.


Each response must include:

1. Restatement of the question (turn the question into a statement – race strategy)

2. Answer to the question

3. Evidence to support the answer - direct textual evidence – a quotation with the page number

4. Analysis/Explanation of how the quotation supports the answer.


Each response should be no less than 4-7 well-written sentences. Only your writing, not evidence from the text, counts toward the sentence count.


The written responses should show a careful reading of the book. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the text and the question before writing.


FICTION Reading Response Questions

Make sure you are specific and include evidence from the text when answering these questions! Responses should include character names so the reader knows who “he” or “she” is! The quotation should support your answer. Include the page number with the quotation.

  1. Who is the main character and what is he or she like? Describe the character’s personality, feelings, interests, and behaviors. 
  1. What is the central problem the protagonist (main character) faces? How does he/she solve the problem?
  2. Describe the setting of the book. Include the evidence from the text that helped you determine where and when the book is set.
  3. Describe the most important event in the book. Explain why this event is the most important.  
  4. Which character has gone through the biggest change in the book and why?
  5. What is the theme the author wants the reader to get from this text?
  6. How do the minor characters affect the main character?
  7. Select a significant quotation from the book. Explain how this quotation is significant to the text AND why the words have meaning to you. 


Final Details

Complete the google form titled, “Fiction Reading Response.”

You will need to include the book title (written correctly), author, number of pages, and lexile level.

If this information is not immediately available on your book, I expect you to use your resources to find the information.

1. Title - (book titles should be underlined if handwritten; in italics if typed)

2. Author

3. Total Number of Pages

4. lexile level


Book Titles:

Book titles matter. Write them correctly. You know how to write book titles. This is just a reminder.

  • If handwriting, underline the book title.
  • If typing, italicize the book title.

What do I capitalize?

  • Always capitalize the first and last word in a title.
  • Capitalize all important words in the book title.  
    • What is an important word? Important words are considered any word except prepositions, articles, and conjunctions.

See the examples below.

All the Light We Cannot See  

Notice that every word except “the” is capitalized. The word “the” is an article, so it is not capitalized in the title.


After Tupac and D Foster       

Notice that every word except “and” is capitalized. The word “and” is a conjunction, so it is not capitalized in the title.


The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

Notice that every word except “of” is capitalized. The word “of” is a preposition, so it is not capitalized in the title.


You have examples. Use them. Write the title correctly!




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