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Christy  Johnson
HS Ex. Ed.
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B.S. in Secondary Education and M.Ed. in Special Education from UTC


Welcome to a brand new school year! You are about to embark on a brand new adventure called Middle School . "Smart is not something you are, it's something you get!" is a quote from author Carol Dweck and the book Mindset. This is a favorite quote of mine because the bottom line here is that hard work and effort are crucial and will yield positive, constructive results. This is how I wish for all students to approach math class and every other class. Whether you believe you are good, excellent, so-so or bad in your math skills, you have room for growth. Growth by exercising the brain is key to success with anything. Each and every one of us (yes, me too) have room for improvement. Let's start our journey on growing our brains and learning EVERY day. My challenge to you is to see each day as a new opportunity for growth and for you to help others around you see the same. I'm looking forward to a GREAT year!

Christy Johnson

6th Grade Math



About Christy Johnson

Education: B.S. in Secondary Education and M.Ed. in Special Education from UTC

Why are you at CSAS? The close-knit community atmosphere of the school, the diversity of the student body and the Paideia philosophy that "all children can learn."

Family: Husband, Lance; two children, Raegan (daughter) and Parker (son); and Hershey the dog.

Hobbies: Photography, flower gardening, listening to music, painting, traveling (seeing things I've never seen is the best), decorating my home and outdoor spaces, enjoying the outdoors and learning new things.

Favorite sport: I occasionally watch football and baseball on TV, but I prefer watching high school or college football, basketball and wrestling in person and enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds such events.

Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird, a classic about unyielding courage and friendship in an era of racial tensions. Love the characters of Scout and Atticus in this classic.

Favorite quote: "Shoot for the moon, even if you fall, you will land among the stars!"

Favorite subject when you were a student: History and art