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Physical Science


HuntAbout Jim Hunt

Education - B.S. Earth and Space Science

Why are you at CSAS?
I came to CSAS in 1990 because my two older daughters, Rachel and Jessica, were attending school here. I liked what I saw as a parent and wanted to be part of the school.

 Family - My wife, Valerie, is a teacher. I have five daughters (Rachel, Jessica, Sarah, Abby, and Aimee.) We also have three dogs and one cat. At least I have two male dogs and a tomcat. I wish I could train them to cut the grass

Hobbies - As a family we like to hike and camp when it gets below 90 degrees. My girls and I all like to target practice with everything from bow and arrow, muzzle loading pistols to AR-15 rifle. I strongly believe every person should learn gun safety even if they don't own one.

 I am also a member of Tennessee Earth Science Teachers (TEST) a group of educators and professionals dedicated to the advancement of Earth Science education in Tennessee.

 Photograph: Looking for fish fossils in the rain with a 30 knot wind on Beartooth Butte in Montana near Cook City. It just doesn't get any better than that.

 Favorite sports team - Go Vols! Tennessee football is #1

Favorite book
- It is difficult to pick one book, but I like John McPhee books relative to science. He writes about geology with a human interest twist.

Favorite quote
- "Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice." Will Durant

Favorite subject when you were a student
- Geology