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Autum McCamish Staff Photo

A Little Bit About Me!  :)

Education: I graduated from CSAS in '98. I then went on to complete my bachelor's degree in Middle Grades Education at UTC in '03. Next, I finished my Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Tusculum College in '05. Finally, I finished my 2nd Master's of Education degree in Teaching American History in 2013. 

Why are you at CSAS? I am at CSAS because this place feels like home to me. The day that I graduated from high school I could not wait to come back. I loved everything this school represented: equal opportunity for all students, rigorous academics, a love of learning, and a chance to be different but still be a part of something. Now, as a member of this faculty, I can see why I was so eager to return. The staff here truly represent what it means to be "lifelong learners" because they never settle. We are always evolving and adapting to make our school the best possible school it can be for our students and our community. This is why I'm at CSAS.

Family: My mom and step-dad, Gina and Gregg, my dad, Elwood, as well as my younger brother, Lee, still live here in Chattanooga. My older brother, Primo, lives in Oregon. My husband's name is Chad McCamish.  We got married in October of 2011, and had our beautiful baby girl, Madelyn in May 2013. I have a furry little critter that rounds out my family whose name is Woolly Bear.

Hobbies: I can't really say that I'm a hobby kind of person. I love to experience new things all the time, but I haven't really picked one thing and stuck with it. I guess I could be described as a "hobby bouncer" because I bounce around to different hobbies a lot. Right now, my favorite hobby is exercising. 

Favorite team: Go VOLS!

Favorite book: Asking an English teacher what his or her favorite book is would be like asking a chef what his or her favorite dish is. Who can choose? My tastes in literature change all the time. I love one author one minute and then learn of a new author that captures my attention even more. To me, books are a way to escape and learn in quiet peace. I guess my tastes might vary depending on my mood or purpose for reading. 

Favorite subject when you were a student: When I was a student, my favorite subject was English. I loved to read and discuss books, and writing always came fairly easy for me. I loved having the opportunity to write down my thoughts, and then, here at CSAS, being able to discuss them. History was my second favorite. I had one teacher, Skip Correll, who turned every historical event into a captivating story. It fascinated me to think about all of those people who paved the way for all of us today. I love visiting historical sights like D.C. and imagining what it was like 200 or even 400 years ago. AWESOME!