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Welcome Back!  

Welcome back, students! I am excited to have you in class this semester. We will have a great semester of learning and exploring biology and anatomy.  Make sure you sign up for reminders at the following links:

To join, send a text to (423) 723-8795

For Biology block 2, text @biologyisp    

For Biology block 3, text @mschov 

For Anatomy and Physiology, text @aandp261 

Seminar: @seminar261


Bio 2 Documentary  

We are canceling the clone documentary.  Only write one paper. 

Bio 2 Documentary links  

Bio 2,

Here are the links for our documentaries.  Each student will write a one page (double spaced) paper on what you learned and questions that you still have about each documentary.  You may also include in your last paragraph your position on the topic.  

For students that are present Thursday, your paper will be due on Friday. For absent students, use the dropbox to turn in your summary by Monday 3/30.  Make sure you include your name in the document title.  The summary for the second documentary is due the Monday we return from spring break. 


Who's Afraid of "Designer" Babies?

Note, the designer baby film is different from the one chosen in class, for various reasons.  Feel free to watch the other, but write your paper  on this one. 

Drosophila References  

Bio II students, you can/should include these references in your lab report:


Aiken.  2001. Anesthetizing Flies genetics/laboratory/Anesthetisia.html. accessed January 20, 2015


Carolina Drosophila Manual. Burlington, NC: Carolina Biological Supply, 2005.


Russell, Peter J.  IGenetics : a Mendelian approach. San Francisco, CA : Pearson / Benjamin Cummings, 2006.

Chi Square calculator link  


The following link can be used to calculate P values with critical values.  Note, you must subtract the cumulative P value from 1. for spring semester  

To join, 


For Biology I:

For block 2, text @biologyisp to 81010.  

Or to receive messages via email, send an email to 


And for block 4, text @mschov to 81010.

Or to receive messages via email, send an email to 


For Genetics:  

Text  @1e1c8a to 81010  

Or to receive messages via email, send an email to 

Evolution video link  

If you were absent Monday, 11/3/14, here is the link to the video we watched.


Answer the following questions:

1. What is a theory?  How does it relate to facts?

2. Can a species produce a species of another origin?

3. What is selective breeding?  What is the difference between natural selection and artificial selection?

4. What causes variation?

5. What is genetic drift?

6. How does the color of an organism help it survive?

7. How can geographic isolation cause a species to differ from each other?

8. What does nature reward?


Tuesday lunch tutoring (10/21) is canceled due to make-up conferences.

Rubrics for layered curriculum   

Rubrics for layered curriculum are located in documents.  

Biology students, if you are interested in turning in your articles and summaries online, here are the instructions:

1. Make sure you include the URL of your article at the top of your summary with your name, date, block, and the article number.

2. Make sure you save your document with your name and article number as part of the title.  For example John_Smith_ArticleSummary_2

3. Log on to

4. The password is scrapbook.

5. All articles and summaries must be submitted to me by the beginning of class in a word document.


If you need the scrapbook project document, you can look under the documents link.  Have fun learning new science! 

Biomimicry questions  

Students, please click the project link for the questions that were on the board today.