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Mrs.  Amy  Freeman
6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
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Problems with Reading Rewards  

I think I have solved (hopefully) the log-in problem with Reading Rewards.  Folks were getting to the point of signing in to my class and the class code wasn't working.  Check out the newly uploaded instructions and I think you will find they have the correct codes.  Fingers crossed.

New Rotations  


We have just rotated in class from social studies at home and reading in class to reading at home and World History in class.  This means new work at home.  Here is the deal:

I passed out and went over with the kids the new guidelines for their homework.  In a nutshell, they will be reading 120 minutes a week at home, reading at least 20-30 pages, and making 10 comments/post -its.  This work can be recorded on notebook paper or online with REading Rewards.  I would love to see everyone on Reading Rewards, but I know this probably won't happen.  Therefore, I will accept post-its and notebook paper versions of the work.

Because this week is a short one, we will use it as a practice week and not grade any work that is completed.  I will be glad to look at any posts or comments the kids make if they want me to check them for expectations.  Again, there will be no grade given this Friday for reading and commenting.  We will start on Friday evening with our graded at-home work.

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening!

Reading Rewards Update  


Please continue to attempt signing your student up for Reading Rewards.  I only have about 1/5 of the grade online and I need 100% of the kids online by next week.  The site is acting funny, for some reason, but they are historically responsive to help requests.  I will send them a notice about the system.  In the mean time, the sign-up instructions are in the "forms for class" section on my webpage.  Be sure you use the form for the block that your child has language arts/social studies.  Thanks.

Thoughts about Social Studies Grades  



I am seeing and hearing some upset on the children's part about their social studies grades.  I imagine some of this is coming from home, so I want to make sure we all remember how the class is rotating and, as a result, how the grades will be affected.  As we covered at open house, we are in our first rotation. We are doing Reader's Workshop in class and social studies reading at home.  The grades in class are a result of our work together and are a pretty good reflection of the kids' understanding.  Our social studies grades are just the work that is completed over the week (which is getting better each week) and the quiz grades.  Both of these assignments are small ones.  The quiz grade is a half of a regular assignment and the homework is 1/10 an assignment.  When we rotate next week and start doing our history rotation in class, the grades will be whole assignments...classwork type assignments that result from our discussion and time together. Just like the reading scores right now, these grades will be a better reflection of the students' understanding and thinking.  Also, the quiz grades and homework scores will be weighted appropriately with the new classwork grades. 

I hope this helps.  As I type this, your kids are sitting on their desks, under their desks, along the wall, and across their chairs...READING.  It is a beautiful thing to see and even more fun to discuss with them.  Thanks for the privilege of sharing this moment with them.


Amy Freeman

Online Textbook Registration--8/20  



Look for a letter coming home with your student today with information about how to log onto the online social studies textbook.  The letter gives options for new students and existing students--use the new students option and follow the directions. The textbook itself should remain at home, unless asked for, but this online option will be the way to go for some of our darlings.

Summer Work and First Unit Change--8/18  

I told the students today that their summer work must be stapled and placed in the turn-in basket by Friday of this week (8/21).  Also, if you have looked at our class calendar you might have noticed that I have made a change to the current work.  We have started our year with a Reader's Workshop Launch unit instead of Personal Narrative.  Personal Narrative will come up later in our work this year. 

The kids are off to a great start!  I have enjoyed our first three days together and am looking forward to a super year.  By the way--if your darling doesn't have composition books, please get some!  The students need three of these for my class and should bring each one every day. 

Another note--the social studies textbook can live at home.  If it is needed in class, I will give plenty of warning.

Finally--The students should have a novel they are reading and should have that at school every day.  We are reading in class each day as a part of our Reader's Workshop unit and it is problematic when the students' books are left at home. 


Thanks for all your help as we get off to a running start this year!


Amy Freeman