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Algebra 2 

Algebra 2 Honors

Mr. Barrett                                                                                       


Required Materials

3-ring binder for this class only

Composition book

TI-84+ graphing calculator

Notebook paper


Grading Policy

15% Daily notes and homework

35% Quizzes and classwork

50% Unit tests and projects


Course Outline

Unit 1 – Algebraic Essentials Review

Unit 2 – Functions as the Cornerstones of Algebra II

Unit 3 – Linear Functions, Equations, and Their Algebra

Unit 4 – Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Unit 5 – Sequences and Series

Unit 6 – Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra

Unit 7 – Transformations of Functions

Unit 8 – Radicals and the Quadratic Formula

Unit 9 – Complex Numbers

Unit 10 – Polynomial and Rational Functions

Unit 11 – The Circular Functions

Unit 12 – Probability

Unit 13 – Statistics


Testing Schedule

We will have a unit test at the end of each unit.

Beginning in September, there will be a review quiz each week over anything that has been covered up to that point in the year.

There will be a cumulative mid-term exam in December and final exam in May.


Honors Course

As an honors course, this class demands a high level of commitment. Students are expected to give their best effort on every assignment, project, assessment, or other activity.


[Updated 7/29/2017]