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Judith Jasinski Staff Photo

Wish List 



Number One Wish: I would be most grateful if anyone who can pay the art fees for their child do so. It makes a huge difference in what I can supply the kids. Fewer people seem to be able to do it each year so anything that you can contribute helps. Even a partial payment is cheerfully accepted. You can pay online at Just click on Online Payment of School Fees in the far left column, then click on K-12 and CSAS. Thank you so much!


Facial tissues - We never seem short on runny  noses.

Liquid hand soap and refills - We try not to make messes but hey! this is art class! Plus, with all these runny noses...

O-Cello brand scrub sponges - You can't beat the real sponges with a rough Teflon scrubber on one side.

Simple Green or Pine-Sol cleaner - So we can be sanitary and keep our drawing areas clean.

White copy paper - Always in short supply!

Paper towels - We use A LOT of these!

Large bottle hand lotion with a pump - All that paint and water dry out our hands.