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Etudes Superieures (HS 4) 



Bienvenue à la page de M. Morgan!


Bienvenue aux études de la langue française!


French Middle School I announcements

Parents:  Please note that this class is for beginning middle school students new to French as well as students coming from our elementary program.  I teach the course as if the language is new for all by introducing new concepts regardless the student's language experience.


Please make sure your students have:

  • a three ringed binder:  There is no textbook for the class; howvever, students will receive information and checklists on handouts throughout the year.  The handouts will be holepunched.  A three ringed binder in theory facilitates a student's capacity to keep track of the these handouts and assingments. 
  • Pencils, pens, and looseleafed paper (for binder) for writing.

Additional, handy items

  • A handheld pencil sharpener
  • Colored pencils, markers, etc.



  • Facial Tissue (as much as can be spared)
  • Cleaning wipes/paper towels
  • Dry erase markers


Les Infos en France 


France 2 

Le Monde 

Le Figaro

Le Nouvel Observateur