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Bonjour, je m’appelle Madame Potier et bienvenu dans la classe de français ! I want you to learn and embrace the fact that French is more than a fry! In this class, I try to emphasize the knowledge and use of the language and the importance of the French culture. Through our units of studies, I will help you discover or rediscover the beauty of the French language and your ability to speak it. Vive la France et le français!

Daily Activities:

Daily activities are a critical part of your French experience. They include aural, oral, and written exercises as well as individual, team and group work. All of these activities are extremely important to language acquisition. Therefore, you are expected to participate in all activities to maximize your potential and to create proficiency in the language.

Outside Practice/Homework:

Homework is given at least once a week so that you can apply, reinforce and practice what you are learning in class. If no written work is assigned, you are still expected to review the day’s lesson for at least15-20 minutes. When learning a language, one must practice every day. So, parlez en français à la maison et entraînez-vous à la maison!


Quizzes are given at least once a week in order to assess and monitor your understanding. You will be quizzed on the written and oral comprehension of the language as well as on your pronunciation. Major tests are given every few weeks. There will also be at least one major project within the semester which will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the language through a creative vehicle.