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Welcome to World History!! My ultimate goal is to give you the tools that will help you become a better reader and writer. This may seem strange to hear that reading and writing skills are being elevated over rote memorization of dates in a World History class, but I have come to the realization that every "fact" in your World History book can be uncovered in less than a minute by using the phone in your pocket.  Reading and writing skills provide the foundation by which you will be evaluated from this point forward in your life.


Students will study the rise of the nation state in Europe, the French Revolution, and the economic and political roots of the modern world. They will examine the origins and consequences of the Industrial Revolution, nineteenth century political reform in Western Europe, and imperialism in Africa, Asia, and South America. They will explain the causes and consequences of the great military and economic events of the past century, including the World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and the Russian and Chinese Revolutions. Finally, students will study the rise of nationalism and the continuing persistence of political, ethnic, and religious conflict in many parts of the world. The class begins with a unit that incorporates key concepts from Facing History And Ourselves.

Student Expectation:


1. Autonomous Learning Skills

  • Takes responsibility for his/her own learning
  • Accepts the responsibilities of citizenship
  • Can set priorities and identify achievable goals

2. Critical Thinking

  • Listens and reads actively
  • Analyzes and evaluates information; thinks critically
  • Demonstrates the ability to select, synthesize, organize, and develop ideas

3. Problem Solving Skills

  • Utilizes and evaluates multiple problem solving strategies
  • Generates new and creative ideas by taking risks to solve problems

4. Personal and Social Responsibility

  • Takes responsibility for personal actions; demonstrates honesty, fairness, and integrity
  • Respects ones own cultures and others


The key concepts are as follows:

intellectual rigor- Students are challenged to develop a deep understanding of history and its relation to their lives through an exposure to rich content, stimulating classroom discusscions, and thought provoking assignments.

ethical reflection- the intellectual rigor is rooted in the habit of ethical reflection by students. They ponder the moral implications of decision making and human behavior embedded in the study of history.

emotional engagement- students realize that to fully engage in the questions and issues raised it requires them to be emotionally attuned to the past and present lives they read about and discuss in class.

civic agency- students develop a heightened sense of civic responsibility throughout the class. They learn to appreciate how their own efforts can contribute to building a civil society locally, nationally, and globally.

These four concepts will be reflected on throughout the semester by the students. We will be reading Night by Elie Wiesel to help expose these concepts in a real way. Each student will be expected to read the book and answer questions along the way.


1. Facing History and Ourselves/World Religions

2. Age of Revolution 1750-1850

3. Industrial Revolution 1750-1914

4. Unification and Imperialism 1850-1914

5. World Wars 1914-1945

6. Cold War 1945-1989

7. Contemporary World 1989-Present



You will need a folder/notebook that is brought to class everyday along with your textbook. You will also need a composition book/journal.

Please bring three of the following items:

1.      Computer paper

2.      Kleenex

3.      Paper Towels

4.      Pilot G-2 ink pens (Black or Red)

5.      Expo Markers

6.      Expo Cleaner

7.      Expo Eraser




Please contact me via e-mail (lowry_brandon@hcde.org). You can call the office (209-5812) to leave a message for me if you wish to speak over the phone. I will be sending out periodic information via Remind 101. Please text the appropriate message to the following phone number to sign up for these reminders. Each block has their own text message service.


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